Public Speaking Extemporaneous

Public Speaking Extemporaneous only goes to states.

1. The general speech topic will be announced at the beginning of each
academic year. This topic will be the annual State Theme. Public speaking
sub-topics will be selected by the Competitive Events Committee and given
to the contestant at the ten (10) minute preparation period.
2. Each contestant will be given ten (10) minutes to read the sub-topic and
formulate a cohesive speech presentation to be delivered before the
3. Preliminary speeches qualify contestants for finals. A list of finalists will be
posted one (1) hour prior to the start of finals. Note that a new sub-topic
will provided to the contestant during the ten (10) minute preparation
period for the finals.
4. The length of the speech will be from three (3) to five (5) minutes for the
preliminary speech and four (4) to six (6) minutes for speech finals. The
contestants will be allowed the use of personal watches. Time warning
signals will not be given during the competition. The first word spoken by
the contestant will start the timer.
5. The use of reference books, notes, and printed materials of any kind is
PROHIBITED during the ten (10) minute preparation period.
6. Notes made during the preparation period may be used during the
speech presentation.
7. A five (5) point penalty shall be assessed for every 15 seconds or fraction
thereof over or under the specified time allotted.
8. No props of any kind may be used.


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